Honor Defense Pistols

Made in the USA

Honor Defense makes the finest concealed carry firearms available today.

We've combined industry expertise with input from professional firearm users to develop a line of firearms with more features than other Sub-Compacts.

The new family of Honor Defense pistols is named the "Honor Guard" and has been launched to rave reviews.

Chambered in 9mm with more features than other Sub-compact pistols, the Honor Defense pistols are designed to be the most comfortable, reliable and accurate pistols you can buy. And made in the USA as well.

In fact, we are 100% American. All of our parts are made by American Craftsmen and we specify domestic steel. 

If you want American engineering, American craftsmenship, with reliability and accuracy, you'll want Honor Defense.

Honor Defense is also dedicated to supporting organizations that defend our nation as well as those that teach firearm safety.

We thank them for their service and pledge to return a portion of our profits to support them.

Honor Defense is now available with a Crimson Trace laser. You can also buy a Crimson Trace laser for your pistol in our webstore.